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"Alamance County's Best Days Are Ahead!"


I was born and raised in North Carolina. I am a father of 3, a husband from humble beginnings, growing up in low-income housing my entire childhood, a product of the public school system, and a recipient of some of the county services as a child. 


I bring more than 2 decades of leadership experience from public and private industry. I gained my passion for helping people at an early age as a result of a tragic accident that killed my father (a former Vietnam Vet and Special Forces Soldier). There were not enough EMS resources to transport all the critically injured, resulting in my father being left and later dying on the scene. 


I am now a former Paramedic Supervisor, who worked in the County Government and now works in the private industry in senior leadership in cancer drug development. I still have a passion for helping people and a heart for serving. Having direct knowledge of the inner workings of county government, business acumen, diverse life experiences, and the proven ability to collaborate with diverse groups and get results, I am confident I am the ideal candidate for Alamance County Commissioner.


I am running because there is a huge need for leadership that can relate to the citizens they serve in Alamance County. I believe Alamance County’s best days are ahead of it. 


Many residents of Alamance County do not feel that they are being heard as it relates to what matters most to them and their families. 

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 Our kids and teachers have been underserved and operating in less-than-ideal conditions for far too long and we need to fully fund our school system so that our kids can learn in environments that are conducive to learning and in a place that they feel proud of.


Our teachers need to be awarded an adequate livable wage, that will retain our top talent, and promote stability across the staff. They shouldn’t have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to provide for their families and live in the county. 


Our first responders and county departments endured a lot during the pandemic and have not received the attention they deserve or the funding they need to serve our community. We need to increase wages for our county staff and fully fund our first responders to ensure they have the equipment they need should they face new emergencies.


I want to promote smart growth and attract businesses and their employees to work and live in Alamance County while preserving our rural character and farmland. I believe the citizens of Alamance County should determine what our county looks like during this explosive growth we are having and not wealthy business owners who are looking for cheap land, low taxes, and fewer restrictions. 


We need leadership that will not be afraid to make tough decisions, even if it is not the most popular one with their political party. It’s time to take steps towards a new path forward in Alamance County. A voice of reason!

I am a community leader and member of many local organizations, a County Commissioner appointed member of the county Planning Board for more than 2 years, and a recent member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee. I will work for ALL the men and women across this county to make sure they have a voice in the county government.


I stand with those organizations that fight inequality of all forms including income inequality. When elected, I will promote and welcome community input on all decisions that affect the community, regardless of socio-economic background. We have shared aspirations regardless of your background and life experiences, but we need leaders who care enough to listen and take action on behalf of the citizens they serve.


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