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Alamance County’s best days are ahead of it and it starts with great leadership!

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”


"I come from humble beginnings. I am a proud father and husband. Family is top priority for me! I want to work for you. I am running because there is a huge need for leadership that can relate to the citizens they serve in Alamance County. I believe Alamance County’s best days are ahead of it. With more than 2 decades of leadership experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental red tape, and get things done. I plan to bring a different perspective to the Board of Alamance County Commissioners that is missing"
LIST OF Priorities
Competitive Education System

Anthony believes a competitive education system is the foundation of any great community. He feels that there are startling disparities between our schools within Alamance County. He believes our kids and teachers have been underserved and operating in less-than-ideal conditions far too long. He will fight to fully fund our school system so that our kids can be exposed to environments that are conducive to learning and in a place that they feel proud of. He will fight for our teachers and ensure they are provided an adequate and competitive livable wage, that will retain our top talent, promoting staffing stability. Anthony believes our teachers should not have to work 2 and 3 jobs just to provide for their families and live in Alamance County. He believes in increased facility standards with adequate safety measures in place to keep our kids & teachers safe. Anthony believes in ABSS and that we have the opportunity to be one of the leading school systems in North Carolina if we properly invest into it and that our county budget should clearly show that Education remains the top priority for our county.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a community activist, Vice President of the local branch of the NAACP, and Political Action Committee Chair among other organizational affiliations, Anthony will work for ALL the men and women across this county to make sure they have a voice amongst county government. He will stand with those organizations that fight inequality of all forms including income inequality. If elected, he will promote and welcome community input on all decision that affect the community, including the black, indigenous and people of color. He will promote the diversity of current Commissioner appointed advisory boards and committees, to ensure diverse views are represented.

Listen and support All County Departments

Anthony believes that the people and many county departments feel forgotten about, left behind, or that no one is listening in County Government. He believes our current board is made up of mostly Managers, which in his view focuses on systems, processes, and numbers. Anthony believes that what is missing is Leadership, which is all about the People! His campaign is about listening, bringing people together regardless of political party. Alamance County needs someone who will buck the partisanship and get to work for the betterment of all individuals who live her. As County Commissioner, he will ensure every county department or service gets the attention it needs and feel comfortable making their request known despite past cuts and restrictions. It is time to stop neglecting our county employees and ensure they have what they need to serve the citizens of Alamance County and make a livable wage doing so.

Public Safety & Health

Anthony will fight for our first responders, (Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, volunteer fire departments) and county healthcare departments and personnel. He started his public service career as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, later serving as a Paramedic Supervisor in county government. He knows firsthand what it is like to work in county government, serving the public with limited resources, and presenting to the County Commissioners a budget that was needed but not always awarded. He believes Alamance County residents should have adequate access to public safety and county healthcare facilities no matter if you live in the city, ETJ, or rural areas of the county. He believes if we fully fund health related first responders and ensure they have the equipment and resources they need to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. He believes this improves the overall Healthcare system in Alamance County. He hopes to promote healthcare partnerships with local hospitals and clinics. Anthony believes that Mental Health is Health! He will ensure we provide much needed resources for our mental health population. He will promote the addition of family medical care within our Public Health department.

Promote Smart Growth while protecting our farmland and natural resources

Anthony believes growth is inevitable in Alamance County. Our municipalities are encroaching into the county and businesses are flocking to our county due to low taxes, low cost of land, and less restrictive building and development requirements. Anthony believes we can proactively address this challenge by doing a better job of listening to current residents and allowing them to determine how we would like our county to look in the coming years, verses industries with large financial footprints determining what the county will look like. Anthony believes as a county commissioner, we must proactively protect the natural character of rural spaces, protect our farmland, and especially our natural resources despite future growth of the county.

Affordable Housing Availability

The average rent for a 984 sq.ft apartment in Alamance County is just over $1,000 per month. The average income in Alamance County is just under $29,000 per year. Housing is becoming less and less affordable in Alamance County and we must address this crisis with a since of urgency. Anthony will promote more affordable housing options for Alamance County residents. He will also ensure agencies that support our homeless population have the resources and funding they need to provide housing for our homeless population, with special attention our homeless vets and our families trying to make a better life for themselves.

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